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We are Tia and Berry! An Ahmedabad (India) based tea label that curates and brings to you the finest and most unique blends of gourmet and wellness teas to tea lovers across the globe. With India being the second-largest producer of tea in the world, it is obvious that we take our daily brew pretty seriously. And Tia & Berry are here to elevate your experience of enjoying your daily cuppa in a very healthy and environment-friendly manner… Yeah, you read that right!

Who are we?

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A division of Brewup Blenders LLP, we bring to table vast experience and knowledge of tea production, tea-tasting and blending from three generations in over seven decades. Brewup Blenders LLP is a part of the very famous and respected tea sourcing and production firm of Global Tea (Assam) Pvt Ltd. Though Global Tea was incorporated in 1987, the family business, then known as K. Harkisandas & Co. has been active in the tea buying, sourcing and selling business since 1960 and were registered as official tea buyers with the Kolkata Tea Auction Centre.

As we are the prime merchants, exporters, manufacturers, sourcing teas from the major Tea Auction Centre of Northern India and Ex- Gardens, what you get from Tia & Berry is the finest and purest form of Organic teas, that you will find across the country.

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What do we do?

At Tia & Berry, we bring to table unique and exquisite blends of full leaf and roasted teas from the best tea gardens of Assam and Darjeeling, with flavour profiles that you’ve never experienced before ranging from that of various fruits, berries, flowers, and herbs. We understand the art of tea blending and the flavour family to balance the various tastes and blends in every bag of tea we pack.

We are not only passionate about our brews, but also about protecting Mother Earth. We at Tia & Berry pack our tea blends into pyramid-shaped biodegradable mesh bags, which when discarded, don’t pollute the environment unlike other commercially available tea bags.

Where can you find us?

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Well, we have an active online presence from wherein you can select from an ensemble range of premium, delicious and healthy tea blends for all kinds of tea lovers. Not just across the country, but we deliver your choice of teas to any part of the world as we do international shipping too.

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Our founder

Amit Shah, a businessman to the core, loves his cup of tea, just like any Indian. A young Amit had joined his family business of tea production and marketers in the year 1994 when he was still in college.

He travelled to Assam to learn the art of tea-tasting from the best in business. Soon, he picked up even the trickiest skills in the tea-business, i.e. bidding for tea leaves at auctions to procure the best quality leaves for his business.

With a booming business, dealing with every major tea wholesaler, retailer and blender in western India, Amit decided to move to Ahmedabad and launch Tia & Berry. It was born from an idea that came to Amit during his dealings with Chime, a brand manufacturing chai machines that brewed teas using flavour pods. Amit wanted Indians to move away from their regular chai to have them experience eclectic flavour blends in teas.

Today, we make some of the healthiest and tastiest tea brews and flavours you’ll find in the country.

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