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Mighty Darjeeling Tea

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Ingredients – Darjeeling Tea leaves

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Known as the champagne of teas, the Mighty Darjeeling Tea is a favourite of all tea connoisseurs.  It reminds one of the mysterious hilly regions of North East India with its pleasant muscatel aroma and a taste that delightfully light.

This tea, which holds a place of pride for India, is produced in limited quantity and hence available selectively. Its flavour is relaxing, soothing and addictive. When brewed to perfection, it is a visual treat to eyes as the tea turns into an amazing golden hue on being served hot.

It is a low-calorie drink, but the caffeine in it gives your body a kick-start every morning. This brew can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere; whether it is in the morning right after waking up, a cool evening or right before going to bed.

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Loose Leaves (50 gm)

Taste Notes

Earthy, Woody, Bitter
Its natural muscatel flavour is something that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world, which makes it special.


Darjeeling Tea leaves

Serving Suggestions

Tastes best when served hot either with water or milk and honey.

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