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Litchi Tea

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Ingredients – Litchi extracts, Darjeeling Tea

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It is fragrant, it is lavish and tastes supremely delicious. The Litchi Tea, with its origins in faraway lands of the Orient, is a fantastic blend of fruity litchi mix with crisp and strong Darjeeling leaves.

Each sip of this gentle and sweet brew is refreshing and cheers you up instantly. This could become your go to summer beverage.

Litchi has been known as a rich source of nutrient that helps production of RBC in the blood in your body.

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Loose Leaves (50 gm), Tea Bags (25 Tea Bags)

Taste Notes

Sweet, Fruity, Bitter
While the taste of Darjeeling tea when brewed can be strong to the palate, its astringency is balanced out with the sweetness of the Litchi fruit.


Litchi extracts, Darjeeling Tea

Serving Suggestions

Tastes best when served plain warm with honey. Can be served iced too.

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