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Honey Lemon Tea

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Ingredients – Lemon Peels, Natural Honey extracts

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A delicious harmony of citrusy lemon and sweet honey, this brew is the perfect morning beverage that uplifts your mood and senses. With every sip of this delicious detox, your palate experiences a tangy yet smooth flavour.

Lemon has various cleansing and detoxifying properties like vitamin C, which is natural diuretic and it helps in improving your digestion and cleansing your liver, and flushing out harmful toxins from the body.

The Honey in it soothes and relives you of any congestion and cough, all the while adding a lovely flavour to the drink

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Loose Leaves (50 gm), Tea Bags (25 Tea Bags)

Taste Notes

Citrusy, Sweet
You get a tangy, citrusy punch with every sip in the opening flavour note from the lemon peels. The honey adds a pleasant lingering sweetness to your palate in the end.


Lemon Peels, Natural Honey extracts

Serving Suggestions

Tastes best when served warm and plain.

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