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Spicy Orange Detox Tea

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Ingredients – Orange peels, Lemon peels, Cinnamon blend

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A rich and delicious blend of citrusy fruits and organic green tea, the Spicy Orange Detox is one of the most popular beverages from our wellness club for its numerous health benefits and tantalising flavours.

Drinking this brew is not just flavourful, but an enlightening olfactory experience too. While the Green Tea is known for its detoxifying elements that help you dislodge all the harmful toxins from the body, the cinnamon blend opens up all your senses with its aromatic woody waft. The Orange and Lemon peels give a zesty twist to its unique spice mix flavour.

When paired with a slice of apple cinnamon pie or some oats biscuits, it makes for the perfect, distressing drink after a long day at work.

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Loose Leaves (50 gm), Tea Bags (25 Tea Bags)


Orange peels, Lemon peels, Cinnamon blend

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Tastes best when served plain hot.

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