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Our story

Great tea is a form of art that defines a taste of culture, marks a ritual, and offers a sense of aesthete!

It all started with a solitary buyer and a solitary dream, a fantasy to give you the best of them, a taste to esteem and love to share. It is the passion that brought forth the tea connection in the form of legacy from 1929 until the date of the incorporation of ‘Tia&Berry’.

Tia&Berry owns a tea label which was conceived out of sheer enthusiasm to bring tea beloveds the genuine and freshest tea from our rambling tea producers from India’s rich and lavish tea lands. Over 7 decades in Tea, this is the third generation, heading the family legacy with a new dimension and zest overseeing various branches at Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and West Bengal.

We have set out on a voyage to give all tea lovers around the globe with single source teas all natural from the very own tea producers connecting and reestablishing the credibility and uniqueness of our teas. It is hence, our experience in tea tasting and a cordial relationship with vast tea growing regions that leads us to source the best cup of tea We make sure you enjoy good tea as it should be!

Mr. Amit Shah, Partner, Brewup Blenders LLP

At Tia&Berry, we thrive to blend the finest of teas due to the great expertise in tea tasting and tea blending. We understand the Art of tea blending and the flavour family to balance the flavours and blends that bring each one to shine while lending itself to a wholesome tea blend cherishing the maximum flavour and health benefits.


Connecting to a World of Senses
Connecting to People


Retaining the conventional style of having a morning cup of tea and keeping up with the same bequest of bed tea we believe that tea lovers should to carry the same practice and pass them to their heirs with an additional upbringing of the innovative sensational taste and flavours into a new era of unwavering excellence. Thereby, we are steeped in a legacy that’s centuries old and we value it upholding this inheritance.


Beyond Presence


Our wide involvement in Auction purchasing, Tea tasting, market reports, marketing, blending, and packaging enable us to deal with the prerequisites of our valuable clients.

With each blend and unique natural flavour, we’re resuscitating the idea of tea and taking it to the places where it has never been! Today we have made our brand famous all over India reaching out worldwide exporting crosswise over verticals like grocery stores, corporate, gifting, and online shopping.


Just love your cup
That’s completely Eco-friendly!


Sourcing our tea directly from the tea estates, we ensure the quality and authenticity of our teas using the natural tropical ingredients to craft our artisanal tea blends.

Besides blending, refining and tasting, so that you get nothing but the very best from India’s tea gardens—with all the flavour and health benefits intact, our teas are packed in pyramid tea bags made from biodegradable mesh with healthy and authentic tea experience!

We believe in imparting the purest form of teas to our clients and giving back in the cleanest form to mother earth, leaving less of a negative impact on the earth, and so that we can provide more environmentally friendly biodegradable products for our customers. We are focused on lessening our footprints and cautiously consider every decision we have. We intend to ensure our clients can appreciate and love our products, realizing that they are not only settling for a healthier choice but a superior decision for the environment also.

Thereby, catering the traditionalists by offering our perennial favourites in our premium club, delighting the tea lovers with a coveting experience by distinctive tea variants and creative infusions of our Gourmet club, to presenting the most authentic blend from our wellness club, Tia&Berry teas are fresher and tastier than anything you’ve ever had to date!

Here are Tia&berry, we are always dedicated to bringing you the perfect memorable cup!


Unleash the exotic flavors that speak for themselves!


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